Educational Workshop Manual

The Secretary-Treasurer of a local union performs many financial duties. Whether the individual is depositing a check, reconciling a bank statement or completing IRS forms, each duty is extremely important. The President and Executive Board also have financial responsibilities. The President, as a second signature, verifies that payments are for approved expenses only and that supporting documentation is maintained for all payments. The Board approves expenses, adopts policies, and monitors the union’s financial condition.

This manual, together with the course lecture, is designed to aid in these tasks. Through detailed explanation and examples, the union’s financial officers should be able to easily understand and carry out the most necessary functions of their office. Ideally, though one profits the most from using the manual after attending an educational workshop; the manual is also geared towards self-instruction.

PDF icon Secretary-Treasurer Educational Workshop Manual

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Tab 1 –PDF icon Financial Duties of Officers
Tab 2 –PDF icon Employer Identification Number
Tab 3 –PDF icon Financial Standards Code
Tab 4 –PDF icon Record Keeping
Tab 5 –PDF icon Annual Financial Report
Tab 6 –PDF icon Surety Bond
Tab 7 –PDF icon Taxable Allowances
Tab 8 –PDF icon Governmental Reporting
Tab 9 –PDF icon Budget Preparation
Tab 10 –PDF icon Trustees Audit Guide
Tab 11 –PDF icon Bank Reconciliation